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TripleTrust for Liquidation of a Company in Curacao

Liquidation, or dissolution, is the procedure for concluding the affairs of a company which is no longer required, or which cannot continue by reason of its insolvency. The voluntary liquidation of a Curacao company usually starts with a resolution of the shareholders and the appointment of a liquidator, who manages the affairs. The liquidator can be a person or a company. During the liquidation, the Curacao company continues to remain in existence but only in so far as this is necessary for the liquidation and dissolution of its affairs.

TripleTrust handles the liquidation of your Curacao Company

TripleTrust knows the steps to be taken to dissolve and liquidate a company under the laws of Curaçao. As liquidator, TripleTrust will converts the assets of the company into cash, settle the relationships with third parties, pay the debts and distribute any remaining balance to the shareholders (and/or any other persons entitled thereto). Whenever the debts cannot be paid, liquidation will be converted into a bankruptcy subject to the Curacao Court’s supervision.

TripleTrust can handle the liquidation of your Curacao Company for a reasonable price.

TripleTrust for your Liquidation of a Company

TripleTrust is a professional and fully licensed trust company with it’s head office in Curaçao. TripleTrust provides management-, legal-, administrative- and secretarial services to international corporate- and private clients. On our website you will find information about the possibilities of a trust office in Curacao, including the liquidation of your company in Curacao.

Daily management is conducted by the founders of the company, mr. E. Bokkes, LL.M., who as a lawyer has very broad experience in general legal practice, and mr. J.J. Gankema , LL.M., with extensive experience in tax practice as a tax lawyer.

Due to their professional background and experience, TripleTrust is able to find the best solutions for their cliënts very quickly. TripleTrust also maintains an excellent (international) network with notaries, lawyers, tax specialists and banks.

TripleTrust B.V. operates under full license issued by the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten (CBCS), which includes periodical audits to assess procedures and filings.

TripleTrust is located in the heart of the historical center of Willemstad, Curacao. The center of Willemstad was placed on the UNESCO list of world heritage sites in 1997.

Registration number Chamber of Commerce Curacao 129819. General conditions apply to our services.

Thank you for choosing TripleTrust, your corporate service provider!

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